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Hudson Valley Motorcycle Sales

Neighborhood Concern:
Hudson Valley Motorcycle Sales has moved into the AAA Auto Mall facilities at 179 North Highland Avenue, (See: ). There are several outstanding enforcement issues that remain associated with this property.

From the beginning, BRBPA members should be on the lookout for violations of Village of Ossining code and report them immediately to the porper authorities and log all calls. We do not want any of our business neighbors getting in the habit of ignoring any of the Village of Ossining regulations. Potentially, these issues would include: excess noise from motorcycles, bad oders, storage of junk outside the building, parking on Beach Road and using Beach Road as a test track.
Now that Hudson Valley Motorcycle Sales has moved into into 179 North Highland Avenue, BPBRA members should take notice and report any potential violations to Ossining officials when they occur. Of special intrest are noxious paint smells, cluttered rear yard, Beach Road blocked by trucks, demo rides, repair testing or just joy riding. All insidents should be reported to the police for excess noise and/or speeding. Be sure a log is kepted of all calls.

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