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Crawbuckie Nature Preserve

Project Description:
The Crawbuckie Natiure Preserve is a passive Village park that is located at the end of Beach Road on the river side of the roadway. The Village of Ossining is planning to expand the Preserve by annexing several parcels of Village owned land that are adjecent and south of the current Preserve. There is a plan being deleloped by the Village of Ossining Planning Depertment to reroute to the RiverWalk, a Westchester County Project, through the expanded Preserve. Click here for more information about the Village of Ossining's proposal for the RiverWalk.

Phase I:
On September 30, 2006, the Village of Ossining will be holding an event to officially dedicate combining the Crawbuckie Nature Preserve, 11.02 acres, with the adjoining DOT property, 11.90 acres, as a single passive park entity. In addition a 15.0 acre parcel will be added to the Preserve but it's 95% under water and west of the railroad right of way. Members of the Beach Road-Brayton Park Association have been invited to this ribbon cutting event. Participants will assemble at 10:30 AM in the Diamond Dairy parking lot at the north end of North Water Street. A short walk on to the newest part of the Preserve is planned, however the first part of the cleared trail is quite steep so participants are encouraged to wear appropriate footware. Please contact Ossining Village Manager Linda Abels at 941-3554 to let village officials know you will be attending.

Phase II:
The Village is in very preliminary discussions with Westchester County and New York state officials about the possiblity of acquiring the adjoining lots, some 12.778 additional acres, to add to the Preserve.

Phase III:
The Village is also interesrted in acquiring additional properties both to the north and to the south of our Beach Road neighborhood with the intention of combining them with the expanded Crawbuckie Nature Preserve.

Possible Ossining Changes to the RiverWalk Plan:
Although details are not available at this time, it seems that the Ossining Planning Department will propose a change to route for the RiverWalk that may effect a large portion of segmant 14 and a part of segment 15. In general it would move the trail, currently planning along the Old Croton Aqueduct Trail, closer to the Hudson River passing directly through Crawbuckie Nature Preserve. Currently the Village of Ossining Planning Department is working on an amendment to the RiverWalk plan in conjunction with Recreation Department, the Dominican Sisters, the Diamond Milk Company and Westchester County as well as the Sing Sing Museum. Click here for more information about the Village of Ossining's proposal for the RiverWalk.

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