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Snowden Woods Project

Project Description:
William Devore has made an application for variances to the Village of Ossining Zoning Board of Appeals in order to build a five story building containing 29 condominium units on lot 2, plate #1 of section #3, off of VanWyck Street, North of Snowden Avenue in Ossining. He has submitted this project, along with a preliminary site plan, to the Village of Ossining Planning Board. A complete Environmental Impact Study is required for this project and is currently being prepared. The project is #ZBA 16-06 before the Zoning Board and #PB 03-06 before the Planning Board. This project is basicly "on hold" and not on the Zoning or Planning Boards agendas at the this time due to the economic down trun. However, when the economy recovers, Mr. Devore can refile his application and a complete Environmental Impact Study will have to be prepared at that time.

Project Details:
The building with a parking lot on the East or Route 9 side, would be built on the East end of the lot fairly close to the cul-de-sac at the North end of Van Wyck Street, not too far from the multi-story Snowden House building.

Objections to the Proposed New Building & Site Plan:
There are concerns about drainage from the site that will flow directly into the several salt marshes at the edge of the Hudson River and he environmental impact to wildlife that uses the area including nesting bald eagles. Also there is very little green space in Ossining. The Snowden Woods is one the few areas that is left undeveloped.
Snowden Woods detailed information from the Committee to Save the Trail.
Crawbuckie park detailed information on the expansion of the Crawbuckie Nature Area.

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